Ceramic coatings are the next generation in vehicle surface and paint protection. Not only do they extend the life of the vehicle’s paint, ceramic coatings make the vehicle easier to clean because it sheds water more easily and has self-cleaning properties that repel dirt along with water, resulting in a more maintenance friendly surface. 

The services help defend the painted surface against environmental hazards and external forces and prevent them from bonding to the surface. Additionally, they create a very hard shield to protect against minor scuffs and abrasions and provide an impressive longevity. 

JADE Ceramic Coating

We use the Jade Ceramic family of products, the highest level in vehicle surface and paint protection. JADE Ceramic Coating is a super-premium surface coating that self-cleans, providing an outstanding gloss, protection and durability. JADE Ceramic Coatings offers up to 5 years of durability and protection and provides an unrivaled gloss. Once treated with a Ceramic Coating, a vehicle will repel water and contaminants while maintaining a clear, hard-as-nails finish. Ceramic Coated vehicles stay cleaner longer, require less frequent polishing, and require no additional paint protection unless desired.

  • Scratch Resistant

  • Durability

  • Protection

  • High Gloss Finishing